Dirty Rumour

Dirty Rumour

When: 9:00 pm | Saturday | 1 July 2017
Act: Dirty Rumour
Style: Rock/Pop/Blues
Venue: The Ship Inn

Dirty Rumour are a Stamford & Peterborough based 5-piece pop/rock covers band formed in late 2016, made up of local friends and seasoned musicians. They make it clear that they are no namby-pamby female-fronted covers band. This is a rocking band which delivers a diverse range of songs, with groove and funky rhythms. Add in powerful vocals to the mix and you’ve got a great blend that helps give them their full and punchy sound.

Dirty Rumour are Kelly Ireland on Lead vocals, Simon French & Nick Peers on Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Kev Herbert on Bass and Matt Ireland on Drums.

Matt, Kelly and Kev, formed the band in late 2016 after taking a year or so out after a long stint with local band Twenty4 and are joined by the talented Nick Peers and long serving ‘Lizzy on the Loose’ guitarist Simon French.

Take a look at www.dirtyrumour.com for up and coming gigs and catch them live and help spread the word for this funky band.