Blues Night

Blues Night

When: 8:30 pm | Monday | 8 July 2019
Acts: TCDC and Jonathan Townsend
Style: Blues
Venue: Rose & Crown, Market Place, Oundle

A superb night of quality blues from local and national performers!

TCDC are Chris (Guitar) Dave (Drums) Tony (Bass)

Jonathan Townsend – is part of the acoustic blues duo – The King Biscuit Boys

TCDC are three friends from Oundle who got together to jam and picked up Curly, a blues singing Kiwi along the way.

Jonathan Townsend and the The King Biscuit Boys have entertained all over the country and will this year be playing on The Acoustic Stage at The Upton Blues Festival and are also playing Gloucester and the Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. When not playing with Craig, Jonathan has started to play solo gigs which enable him to explore some different blues songs. We are very pleased to welcome him to Oundle Fringe 2019.

He has over the years built a vast collection of blues records and in doing so has become a scholar of the blues. This has helped him develop his own unique country/blues guitar tone and gruff vocal style. Jonathan just wants to sing and play the blues. Don’t give him too many chords or flattened 9ths (whatever they are).


Jonathan has his own website which has details of his songs and other projects

Take a break and enjoy the blues at their best!