Stamford Shoestring Theatre

Stamford Shoestring Theatre

Friday 5th July   The Talbot Hotel, New St., Oundle   6:45 pm

Stamford Shoestring Theatre presents Jane Austen’s Life Hacks.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Jane Austen knows a thing or two about family matters.

So, who better to guide us in dealing with today’s relationship challenges than Jane, assisted by some of her most ‘difficult’ characters?

Do you have a large inheritance you don’t want to share? Is your family insufficiently sympathetic to your delicate health? Do you struggle with disobedient children? Never fear! Through dramatic readings of Austen scenes, Stamford Shoestring Theatre will address all these relationship concerns and more.

Make yourself comfortable in the Courtyard of the Talbot Hotel, where this enthralling performance will begin at 6:45 pm on Friday 5th July.